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Smart Home Automation

Home automation is the professional term for what consumers have dubbed “Smart Home”. In short, home automation gives you the ability to control all of your control systems from one easy to use master control. Whether you are home or are across the world, as long as you can get access to the internet on a smart phone or device you can control everything at your house.


Easy ways to control your home

Security Control

Control entry points, monitor the perimeter of your property, view activity inside and outside of your property.

Lighting Control

Enjoy light and shade control throughout your home to save energy and enhance the ambiance in your home.

Centralized Control

Control all of your homes automation from one or more central control panel or mobile device.

Temperature Control

Balancing comfort and energy efficiency with smart home automation.

the smart home experience

Smart solutions for your home mean long term time and money savings

Imagine having full control over every TV, Indoor and Outdoor Sound System, Lighting Systems, HVAC System and Security System all form one central device. Smart Homes are so much more than a luxury, we believe they are a necessity. From energy savings to the safety of your loved ones, every home deserves automation that is designed to grow with your family. 

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thermostat Control

Heating and cooling systems are the bulk of a household’s energy consumption. By automating these devices, it allows you to switch the heater or the air conditioner on or off when you need it. Integrate your smart phone to program your heater or AC so your house is the ideal temperature all year long.

Home Entertainment

Many of our clients come to us with a home theater project in mind with smart home automation. By using home automation, you can toggle different appliances from your home theater while using only a universal remote control or using products from Elan Home Systems.

Security Cameras

home surveillance cameras are becoming fixtures in homes around the Sacramento Valley. With the help of home automation, you can have a real time look into you surveillance camera’s lenses while perform commands such as moving the camera, recording videos, and taking snapshots. Total comfort and peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your loved ones.

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