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How to Keep Your WiFi Network Safe

After the year we just had, the Internet seems like a basic requirement to survive in the twenty-first century. If you look around, most of your audio and video products are probably connected to WiFi. It is safe to state that the Internet is for everyone and does not cater to the technologically competent. Unfortunately, if not protected, your information can get into the wrong hands. In this article, our Specialized AV team shares how to keep your WiFi network safe.

Change Your WiFi Name

The first step toward a safer home WiFi network is to modify the SSID (service set identifier). The network is identified by its SSID. Many manufacturers assign a default SSID to all of their wireless routers. In most situations, it is the name of the company. When a computer with a wireless connection searches for and shows nearby wireless networks, it identifies each network that broadcasts its SSID publicly. This increases the likelihood of a hacker entering your network. Specialized AV recommends changing our network’s SSID to something that does not reveal any personal information, so deterring hackers.

Create a Strong Password

A default password is pre-programmed into the majority of wireless routers. Hackers can easily guess this default password, especially if they know the router manufacturer. When choosing a password for your wireless network, make it at least 20 characters long and include numbers, letters, and symbols. Ultimately, this option makes it tough for hackers to gain access to your network.

Enabling Network Encryption

Almost all wireless routers provide encryption as a standard feature. It is disabled by default. Enabling the encryption setting on your wireless router might help safeguard your network. Make careful to switch it on as soon as your broadband provider installs it. Furthermore, WPA2 is the latest and most effective type of encryption available.

Turn Off Network Name Broadcasting

It is strongly advised that you prevent network name broadcasting to the general public when using a wireless router at home. This function is frequently beneficial for companies, libraries, hotels, and restaurants. Additionally, this is used to provide consumers with wireless Internet access, but it is typically unnecessary for a private wireless network. So, if you have a commercial building, our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc. recommend turning this off as well. WiFi is used so often that anyone could try to connect to your router.

Always Keep Your Software Up to Date

Router firmware, like any other software, can contain weaknesses that can lead to serious vulnerabilities. Always install the most recent software and download the most recent security patches to ensure that no security vulnerability or breach is left accessible to internet predators. Additionally, if your router is outdated, please contact us for WiFi installation in Sacramento.

Reliable Firewall

A “firewall” is intended to safeguard computers from malicious invasions. Wireless routers typically include built-in firewalls, though they are sometimes provided with the firewall disabled. Make that the wireless router’s firewall is turned on. So, if your router lacks such a firewall, make sure you install a reliable firewall solution on your system to monitor for unauthorized access to your wireless network.

Use Virtual Private Networks 

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a collection of computers or networks that communicate via the Internet. Individuals can safeguard and encrypt their conversations by using VPNs. Furthermore, when you connect to a VPN, your computer launches a VPN client. When you use your credentials to log in, your computer swaps keys with another server. After both computers have validated each other’s authenticity, all Internet communication is encrypted and protected from prying eyes.

Most importantly, examine which devices link to your home network and ensure that they are protected against viruses and spyware with reputable security software. Contact Specialized AV for more information on VPNs. 

As you can see, safe Wifi networks are important for both home and business purposes. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will take your private information. To ensure that your WiFi network is safe, contact Specialized AV for professional WiFi installation services. We will ensure that your network is not only safe but also fast and reliable. So, we look forward to hearing from you!