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Commercial Audio & Video, Home Theater, Smart Home Automation, and more.

Serving the Sacramento Valley since 2003.

We believe we provide and stay up with the latest and greatest technology, however, it all comes down to service. No matter what someone can sell you if they are not trained properly or have the means to service it why would anyone want to buy from them? Here at Specialized AV we believe that service makes the difference. We make sure that all the products we provide are fully understood before deploying it to our clients and that we have the backing by the manufactures that we buy from support us like we want to support our clients, fast and without hassle.

 We under promise and over deliver.

 We understand anyone can do 90% of a job but the last 10% takes ninety percent of the time and that is where we separate ourselves from the rest. We complete and deliver everyone of our jobs on time and make sure the client fully understands the project before we believe the project is complete.

Specialized AV is an industry leader in private home theater design, whole-home automation and turn-key installation. With over ten years of industry experience, we know that the most successful projects combine outstanding design with comprehensive and easy functioning technology.

Our broad blend of in-house experience allows us to ensure every AV project is designed and crafted to the highest possible standards of dynamics, creativity, technology and dependability. We see each project through from conception to completion.

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