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Commervcial & Residential Video

Specialized Audio and Video – Installing Premier Quality Audio Solutions for Home or Business. One of the benefits of choosing SAV to install your audio equipment is our relationships with equipment manufacturers. We offer top of the line quality solutions for all of your home audio or business audio needs. Below are just a few of the projects we specialize in. If you have an audio project you are interested in discussing, we would love to talk with you, Contact us today!

Commercial & Residential Video

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Video Matrix Systems

Surround Sound Systems give the ultimate “wow factor” to your family room and tv system! Whether watching the game with friends, having a Blue Ray night with the family, or just watching your favorite Netflix series, surround sound systems give you the ultimate audio engulfed experience. No longer are the days when you are stacking every speaker you own around your TV to achieve a decent sound quality. We install the latest and greatest technology you need to give you the effect you’re listening for. Our work is esthetically pleasing where you will hardly notice the presence of the speakers.

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Digital Signage & Projectors

Are you a Family that loves to entertain? Do you have an open floor plan where you and your guests will flow from the Kitchen to the Pool, to the game room? Get-togethers are so much more fun and less restricting when you install distributed audio throughout the premises. From whole home audio in different rooms to outdoor rock speakers in the garden near the pool and BBQ area, Specialized Audio & Video has you covered to get whatever music anywhere at the control of your fingertips on your cell phone or in wall touch screens! This is a MUST-HAVE for homeowners who entertain often or have large families.

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commercial video service

quality equipment

At Specialized AV, we work with the best equipment available. Choose from all your favorite name-brands.

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You can always count on Specialized AV to provide premium commercial and residential video services.

Experienced design

Our team of professionals will work with you to design exactly what you need in the time you need it.

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