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Is Professional Wi-Fi Installation Worth It?

You have many options when it comes to building your home network. So, what’s the best choice for me? Is professional Wi-Fi Installation even worth it? 

Wi-Fi Installation Options:

  • Install your home network on your own
  • Get your ISP (internet service provider) to set up your router/modem for basic internet access
  • You can get your local network installation expert to help you install it

At Specialized AV, we offer expert services dealing with home network installations for homeowners in Tahoe. Getting your network setup by professional Wi-Fi installation gives you the value of your money.  

Some homeowners may not be acquainted with what network installations involve. So to help you understand this concept better, we share why you need professional Wi-Fi installation services.

Your Network is Setup by an Expert

Having your home network installed by a professional from one of the Tahoe Wi-Fi installation companies includes the installation of high bandwidth technology that delivers internet access throughout your property. You don’t even have to lift a finger throughout the whole installation process. We’ll install the wireless access points, routers, and more. This will allow you to stream and browse easily, no matter how large your property is.

Purchasing a high bandwidth plan from your internet service provider ensures that your installation has the infrastructure needed to support your smart home system. Therefore, expert installation ensures that extra precautionary measures are taken to secure your network.  

As compared to installation from your ISP or a DIY project, personalized expert installation is the best option. Our friends at Do It Right Plumbers, an OC plumbing company, have seen homeowners try to DIY their home projects. 

Network Integration 

If you think about it, almost all, if not all, devices in your home connect to your network. Printers, smartphones, computers, and fax machines, as well as your smart home tech system, all these use your network. Sometimes, it can be difficult to connect all your technology to one network. Having a professional do it for you is a no-brainer.

The expert from a professional Wi-Fi installation company in Tahoe links all your devices to your network. After installation is complete, you can now use your devices effectively on your network. At Specialized AV, we are committed to providing quality services for your commercial or residential properties.

Remote Maintenance and Monitoring

Contracting professional Wi-Fi companies ensure that your network infrastructure remains up-to-date. We ensure that your network is performing optimally by providing ongoing network maintenance. The Wi-Fi technology we use can not only back-up your network but also upgrade its firmware offline. 

Ensures you Use the Right Wi-Fi Router

The installation of every network starts with a router. Here’s where many see the limitations of an ISP/DIY installation. This mostly occurs when you’re using a router with limited broadband capacity, one frequency, and standard settings. 

Getting a professional to install your network for you ensures that the network incorporates enterprise-grade dual bandwidth routers that are optimized for extensive data needs as well as more LAN ports to connect your devices. Being able to operate on various frequencies helps avoid interference between communication standards like Bluetooth and separate products. 

Experts also ensure that your data is managed efficiently by optimizing specific traffic as needed. They also enable necessary encryptions, optimize router passwords, and for added security, incorporate guest networks. 

Are You Relying on Your Wi-Fi too Much?

Some network installations rely on your router to relay Wi-Fi signals throughout your home. This may involve only a few devices that are connected directly using Ethernet cables. Each device using Wi-Fi weakens the signal and gets even weaker the farther away it is from the router. 

Contracting a professional ensures that your traffic will be better managed from your router. Your wireless devices will have access points incorporated that extend and strengthen your Wi-Fi signal. They use fiber and high-end copper cables to ensure added speeds and reliability.

Professionals from Wi-Fi installation companies also hide all your wires behind walls. This ensures that your décor will remain as you’d like it, without having to sacrifice a wall to keep your devices close to an access point or router.

We Offer Reliable Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Everyone who has experienced network issues knows how frustrating it can be to reach out to your ISP for help. Many tell you to reset your router, or they visit your home a week after you called to offer ‘assistance.’

Hiring a professional Wi-Fi installation company like Specialized AV comes with an upgrade to your router software. Additionally, this will prevent any security vulnerabilities or downtime. It also enables you to get maintenance visits in case of any hardware issues.

The above are just a few of the ways that professional home networking and Wi-Fi installation services are good for you. For any specific need that you would like addressed, contact Specialized Audio and Video.