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Why You Should Switch to Smart Lighting

As many of us know, the lightbulb was one of the first devices to use electricity. In our daily lives, we need light, whether it’s to help us read at night or to help us feel safe. Many people regularly use LED lights for greater energy efficiency. In the recent past, though, smart lighting has become very popular. Having automated lighting from a home lighting installation company provides you with added benefits that your regular lights do not possess. 

Benefits of Smart Lighting

Below are a few benefits of having smart lighting installed by Specialized Audio and Video:

1. Ambiance

Having smart lights installed in your home can help you set the mood for several occasions. You can preprogram smart lighting for late-night illumination or a romantic date. The lights can also be set when you’re watching a movie. That way, it won’t be too bright but still provide enough light to see your snacks or the remote. 

In some other cases, the lights can be preprogrammed to turn themselves on in the morning gradually. This way, you get to avoid the shock of bright lights when you wake up. Apart from having dimmers, smart lights can also change colors. Talk about setting a whole new mood for your NorCal house!

2. Energy Savings for Your Home

Smart lighting helps you save a lot of energy, especially if you use LED lights with dimmers. Dimmers can help reduce energy usage, which in turn reduces your energy bill. Additionally, smart lights can turn themselves off. Get yours today after searching online for home lighting systems near me.  

3. Smart Lights Can Be Used as a Notification

Smart lights can function as signals for other occurrences. For instance, let’s say you’re having a party at your house. The music is loud, so you may not hear if someone knocks on your door or if your doorbell is rung. Smart lighting can visually let you know if there’s someone at your door. 

The lights from Smart Home Automation and Wi-Fi companies can be used to notify you of anything, not just a presence at the door. It’s possible to get a lighting system installed in your home that’s connected to your social media, for example. This will make it possible for you to program your lights to turn a different color or blink when you receive an email, text, or a message on your app. 

4. Motion Detectors

Some lighting systems can be activated when a sensor detects motion. This is very useful for security outside your home as it can expose anyone that’s trespassing on your premises even late at night.

5. Scheduling Your Lighting System

Home lighting systems can be automated so that you can create a schedule for your lights. You can program your lights to turn off or on at specific times or even at random times to deter any burglars who may want to rob you thinking you aren’t home. 

6. Switch Your Lights Off and on Remotely

Getting smart lighting from a smart home automation company in NorCal makes it easier for you to turn your lights on and off remotely. Instead of walking to the switch to turn off the lights in your home, smart lighting allows you to turn them off using an app on your tablet or smartphone. Some even allow you to use voice activation to turn them on or off. 

Now that we know how beneficial it is to have a smart lighting system in your home let’s talk about your options. There are a few things to consider when looking into your options, such as the cost of the system, what protocol would be best for you, and set up considerations. 

Most Popular Smart Lighting System

There are several smart home lighting systems to choose from. Our Specialized AV team will work with you to decide which smart home automation system is best for your home.

ELAN is an industry leader in smart home automation. They have provided top of the line products for over three decades now. You can operate your lighting system from one app interface, making it accessible for anyone to use. The ELAN system will learn your energy habits and greet you when you wake up and return home. 

Contact Specialized Audio and Video

Smart lighting is a good option for anyone, especially if you’d like to use smart home automation and Wi-Fi in your home. Contact Specialized AV for a free estimate on your smart home automation system. Our team is always happy to help.