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Benefits of Installing Commercial Security Systems 

Commercial buildings are a hot spot for criminal mischief. So, it’s important to install a security system to secure your company’s assets. Let a commercial security system company help you decide on the best commercial surveillance system. The following are some of the benefits of installing commercial security systems for small and large businesses.

Protect Your Business from False Worker Compensation Claims

Most of us are aware that we live in a very opportunistic world, and sometimes, selfishness gets the better of some. Most of us have heard of people trying to take advantage of their bosses through false workers’ compensation claims. Having video surveillance installed by a commercial security system company in Sacramento provides an extra layer of protection to your business. This will reduce the chances of an employee wanting to defraud you with baseless claims.

If you have the technology, it is recommended that you store footage from each camera for at least one year. This is in case a worker decides to wait a few weeks or months before deciding to make a claim. The video surveillance system footage will be used as evidence to contradict or corroborate their story. 

To Prevent Theft by Employees

Every year, companies lose a lot of money because of employee theft. Having commercial security system installations like video surveillance in your business by Specialized AV or adding it to your existing security system can keep this from happening.

Placing surveillance cameras in visible locations will remind the employee that someone is always watching. Installing cameras in hidden areas in main locations will also show whether your employees are honest or not. While it may be unfathomable to even consider that your favorite employee might be stealing from you, it will do you no harm to protect your business.

To Protect Your Business From Shoplifters and Burglars

Break-ins usually happen during the weekends or at night because most businesses are closed or deserted. This makes nights or long weekends, the times a business is most vulnerable. Installing a commercial security system will stop burglars who dare break into your premises. The system detects intruders’ presence, alerts the necessary authorities, and can also notify you of the break-in.

This is not to mean that burglaries do not happen during the day. They do, in broad daylight. Installing a commercial security system enables you to monitor different areas of your building through closed-circuit TV monitors. To prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing some areas on your premises, you can have a look at the access control systems and get an access control system that suits your needs installed.

Improves Your Business Strategy

Getting cameras installed at different points in your building may help you gain a different perspective on your business’s customer flow. If you have security cameras, it will be easy for you to also observe the common foot traffic patterns and the places where customers spend most of their time. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a retail renovation company in Sacramento, says that commercial property owners always opt-in for high-security systems. 

Improves on Older Security Systems

We have had CCTVs being used by businesses for many years. However, the latest technology available at Specialized AV in Sacramento offers a lot more, especially in terms of affordability and efficiency. Modern surveillance systems have full motion control and also capture images in high resolution. This allows the user to, for example, easily make out the face of a trespasser or identify a shoplifter.

Limits Sexual Harassment at Work

For many, especially females and those who identify as females, sexual harassment is a real threat. Despite its prohibition by the law, the law does little to prevent it from occurring. Search for “commercial security systems near me” and let our team at Specialized AV install video surveillance equipment on your premises. This will be a good way to watch out for your employees who may be vulnerable to harassment, thus giving them a sense of safety and security. The presence of cameras will prevent offenders from acting out their unwarranted advances onto unsuspecting individuals.

Furthermore, security systems are economical as they are designed to last a lifetime. They are produced in different sizes, so finding one that fits into your everyday budget should not be hard. 

Specialized AV for Business Security

Specialized AV is the number one provider of business security solutions. Our video surveillance equipment guarantees ease of use, excellent performance, and efficiency. Any concerns you may have regarding your security measures, reach out to us, and have your business evaluated by the #1 company in California. Your and your employees’ safety matters to us. Contact Specialized AV to get a free estimate on your commercial security systems.