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Technology That Keeps Your Home Safe and Secure

Being a homeowner comes with many perks. You can design your home however you’d like with the ones you love. But while you’re away, you may be concerned about keeping your home safe. Luckily, in this day and age, we have more affordable high-tech security systems available. Specialized AV provides you with specialized video, audio, and security for your Sacramento home. With a smart home automation system, you are provided with additional security to protect your loved ones and your home.

Here are a few ways to keep yourself and your family safe using smart home technology.

Install Smart Locks

Locks are the most important and basic ways to protect your home. A smart lock installed by a home security system installation company provides you with a less breakable way to access your home, through a keypad and passcode. So, instead of worrying about where to leave your spare in case you forget your key, you can create a code just for your family. A smart lock also allows you to create a temporary or custom code for the housekeeper.

Install Cameras Outdoors and Indoors

Today, there are various models and camera versions available, most of which are pretty affordable. Having smart cameras installed inside your house to help keep an eye on different rooms in your home as well as the outdoors. You’ll be able to watch people approaching your home in real-time, all from your smartphone. Having cameras also provides you with a record of everything that happens in and around your house, which may help you identify a suspect if your home is ever broken into. 

Install Smart Lights

Smart lights can help dissuade thieves from invading your home. Have a home lighting control expert from Specialized AV program your smart lights to turn on periodically. Even when you’re not home, you can control your lights to make it seem like someone is home. Many home security companies say that break-ins happen when homeowners aren’t home, which can significantly reduce the chances of your home being targeted. 

Install High-Tech Alarm Systems

Alarm systems have been used for many decades. Since they first hit the market, the systems have improved greatly. Advanced tech alarm systems can detect any threats when armed and notify dispatch for the police or fire department if needed. When you get a professional home security installation, you won’t have to worry about keeping your Sacramento home safe.

Put Up Smart Speakers

Today’s smart speakers have inbuilt features that provide your home with additional security. For instance, the Alexa Guard, which works with every Amazon Echo, can now monitor your home for any troubling sounds such as an alarm going off. Having these speakers is a way to keep you safe, making them a good investment.

Have Motion Detection Sensors Installed in Your Home 

With today’s modern technology, cameras can be used to keep your home safe by easily detecting motion. Motion sensor technology is both reliable and convenient as it can eliminate false alerts competently. While other systems keep you frequently notified of any background movement, our systems only alert you when the motion trigger has been verified. This ensures that no commercial security system company’s resources (and yours) are wasted following up on a false alarm.  

The key benefits that our Specialized AV advanced motion detection provides include:

  • Defines the survey area in your smart home automation system’s user interface
  • Reduce the time frame of searching for a specific event by filtering out based on vehicle, survey area events, or a person 

Panic Buttons 

Surveillance technology also offers hidden buttons around the house that can access a panic room if an intruder accesses the house. The smart home automation system installed also notifies the local authorities as well as your security service. This provides homeowners with an additional layer of security.  

The technology also incorporates scheduled automation for notifications and events when the smart door locks are activated.  

In today’s world, security cameras are must-haves not only for homes but also for businesses. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial construction company in Sacramento, recommends that every client invests in the proper security systems for any property.  Investing in a security system spares you from worrying about what goes on around or in your home while you’re away. A video surveillance security system that incorporates your family’s needs is among the best investments you can make to ensure your family’s safety. Contact Specialized AV for a home security installations service.