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Smart Home Installation: To DIY or Not to DIY

Having a security system installed in your home is an effective way to prevent problems and give yourself peace of mind, whether you’re away for vacation or at home. However, to get the best protection for your Sacramento home, you need to identify your home’s most vulnerable intrusion point and understand how various security system components work together. This will help you come up with exactly what you need in a security system that fits your needs. 

After finding the system that is right for your needs, you have two options for installation: do it yourself or hire a smart home installation company in Folsom.

Advantages of DIY Security System Installation

  • You do not have to adjust your schedule in order to work with the technician on their schedule/time
  • You do not have to worry about getting permission from your landlord if you live in a rental. You can install a basic system, all without having to drill into the walls.
  • You may save money, i.e., the fees you would’ve parted with to pay for a professional installation.

Disadvantages of DIY Security System Installation

  • You have to install the system and troubleshoot any issues that might arise without professional help. (PS- This means you have to read the instruction manual, probably several times)
  • Installation can be challenging, especially if you have no electrical experience
  • Installing the security equipment on your own may void its warranty

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Security System Installer 

On the other hand, having your security system installed by a whole home automation Bay Area professionals hold the following advantages:

  • Your professional installation expert provides you will a complete rundown of everything in your system and explains to you how everything works as well as how to get the most from your system’s features 
  • If any problems come up during your system’s installation, they aren’t yours to deal with. The professional expert handles it
  • You don’t lose time, be it a few hours or several days trying to install your system

Disadvantages of Professional Security System Installation

  • Professional installation by a commercial security systems Bay Area expert may not be allowed for renters, especially if you have to get the go-ahead from your landlord/lady
  • You may be charged additional installation fees
  • You may have to wait a few days to several weeks for your security system installation

Comparing Security System Installation: To DIY or Not to DIY

We’ve looked into the pros and cons of each option and now, let’s dive into the scenarios when either option is desirable.

A security system, no matter how sophisticated it is, if installed incorrectly, is of no use to you and provides no protection to you or your family. 

If you or another family member has experience with taking on projects in the house and you would like to save on installation costs, then a DIY security system installation may be a good option for you, especially if you want a simple system with an indoor camera and a few window and door sensors.

However, it should be noted that DIY home security isn’t recommended for households, especially. In many cases, the more complex the system is needed, the more necessary it becomes to get it installed by a professional. Installing a hardwired integrated system featuring window and door sensors, multiple outdoor and indoor cameras, and home automation components need more know-how than what an average homeowner might possess. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing, a Fox Valley home remodeling company, agrees that homeowners should leave security system installations to the professionals. 

Why Professional Security System Installation 

A professional installation expert can equip any home with smart home components and a home security system, regardless of the home’s structure or age. Many a time, people are offered incentives to have their equipment installed professionally. This makes it an affordable option for the average homeowner who may not want to install their security system themselves, has no experience in DIY projects, or is just busy. In addition to this, having your security system installed by a professional ensures the warranty remains intact. That way, if anything stops working or malfunctions, you can easily replace it, hassle-free.  

Now that we’ve highlighted the various benefits, pros, and cons of having your security system installed professionally or doing it yourself, you are left to decide on what’s best for you. A home security system is an investment in the safety of your home. It is, therefore, important to ensure that it’s properly installed by commercial security systems installers in Folsom, so it functions efficiently in order to get the most for your money.

We recommend getting your security system installed professionally by our team at SpecializedAV. It’s the best way to not only understand how your system works but also be confident that it works optimally. Contact us today!