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Cut Utility Bills With Home Automation

More and more Sacramento homeowners can cut utility bills with home automation. The best part about smart home technology is that you and your family will not have to compromise comfort. Smart home automation is convenient and practical. If you’re not sure about investing in whole-home automation, consider trying out the following smart home technologies.

Smart Thermostat

The majority of your energy usage involves heating and cooling, and they are perhaps the most pervasive source of waste. Smart thermostats are a highly efficient way of reducing this waste and the cost involved. Many Sacramento homeowners claim that they are able to save hundreds of dollars per year on their energy costs thanks to a smart thermostat..

Smart Lighting

Another must that most homeowners and business owners can add to their space is smart lighting. This technology allows users to operate their lighting with a click of a button. Very convenient when you’re away from home or too lazy to turn off the light switch. Either way, it saves you both time and money. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of smart lighting.

Motorized Blinds

To decrease the need for heating and air conditioning, automatic shade controls are efficient in both summer and winter. Motorized shade controls can be manually controlled through a convenient digital interface, but when you program them to open and close, you can save the most money based on factors such as outdoor air temperature, directional orientation, sunrise, and sunset, etc. our friends at McQuillan Bros, an HVAC company in Twin Cities, MN, says your shades will minimize heat build-up during the summer and allow you to use less power for cooling. You can take advantage of the sun’s energy during the winter to decrease your heating needs.

Whole House Fans

Attic fans are a highly efficient way to reduce the cooling bills during the Sacramento Heat. The summertime temps will rise to the 150 to 160-degree range depending on how much insulation and ventilation you have in the attic. The extra pressure from your cooling system is taken away by programming an attic fan to activate at a specified temperature. To help stop mold, install a humidity sensor and it can do double duty during rainy periods.

Contact Audio & Video Professionals

Now that you know how to cut utility bills with home automation, you can find a professional. Specialized AV, located in the Greater Sacramento area, specializes in everything smart home automation. Whether you need Sacramento whole-home automation services, wifi installation, security installation, or audio and video services, we can help. Contact us today to learn how we can better assist your home or business.