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The Importance of Home Wiring Plan

It is no secret that smart technology is becoming increasingly popular. Every year, they become more intuitive, making our lives more efficient and enjoyable. Since this technology has become a crucial part of our lives, it’s no surprise that smart homes are on the rise as well. More homeowners are using smart home devices. Do you have speakers, TVs, security cameras, home theaters, etc? What’s not to love? With smart home automation like this, it’s crucial to have the right wiring system. In this article, our Specialized AV team will discuss the importance of a home wiring plan for your smart home design

Why Structured Wiring?

The reality is that all of the technology in a home should be linked to the house’s wiring backbone for the best reliability, functionality, and versatility. Granted, having a powerful WiFi network is crucial to ensuring a stable user interface for devices. A wired home is actually owned by 16% of broadband households in the United States.

Why Standardized Wiring System Can Be Overlooked

When constructing a client’s dream home, home builders must prioritize a structured wiring plan. It’s difficult for homeowners to attach a monetary value to wiring because they aren’t considering what will be linked to the house six to nine months after it’s completed. As you probably know, moving can be a lot of work! No surprise that homeowners overlook structured wiring. It’s definitely not something that is considered high-priority. However, it’s necessary if you’d like to wirelessly connect TVs, audio systems, surveillance cameras, etc.

Does Standardized Wiring Improve a Home’s Bandwidth?

Many audio and video companies will agree that standardized wiring does significantly increase the bandwidth. Is it really necessary? The average person uses the internet for just about every smart device. How many applications do you have open right now on your smartphone or laptop? A strong network infrastructure that can accommodate several devices. These sources may include music, Netflix in the game room, Apple Music in the kitchen, kids playing video games, working from home. 

How Does The System Affect Coverage Inside and Outside the Home? 

Most homes larger than 2500 square feet would need numerous access points to adequately protect the areas where WiFi will be used. Most of us will have a few devices just in one room, so it’s important to have bandwidth both inside and outside your home. At Specialized Audio and Video, we ensure that the hardwiring access points are strategically placed so that you can have full accessibility anywhere in your home. 

Does a Structured Home Wiring Plan Save Money?

Those who seek out home wiring services can expect it to cost about a percentage of their home’s value. It includes design and installation. Our friends at Headwaters Construction, who offers tilt-up construction services, agree that adding a correctly built wiring system after your home’s construction is much more expensive than doing it right from the start. If you’re building a new home in the Sacramento area, we highly recommend hiring a local audio and video company for home wiring services. It’ll be well worth it in the end. Contact Specialized AV for an estimate today!