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Pros and Cons of UHD Televisions

UHD TV, also known as 4K TV, has grown popular thanks to the many advantages. If you have a standard High Definition TV, you may be wondering if UHD televisions are worth the money. In this blog, our audio and video design and installation experts with excellent advantages compared to other standard full HD TV with four times the definition. However, in order to select a TV that is appropriate for our family, we should first understand more about the benefits and drawbacks of 4K TV before making a decision:

Pros of UHD Televisions

The transitions between scenes on the big screen should be seamless. With UHD televisions, there is no pixelation effect, even when approaching the screen. You’ll be avoiding eye strain because the 4k provides more eye protection than traditional TVs. Most movies and shows are made for 4K capabilities. UHD TV is expected to be the primary development trend during the next five years. If you haven’t yet experienced 4K, it feels like you’re watching the scene in real life. Our friends at Headwates Construction Inc., a commercial construction contractor, recommend switching to 4K televisions if you have an office building. They’re great for the conference room.

Cons of UHD Televisions

Although 4K TVs are a nice luxury to have for entertainment, they do come at a price. One of the biggest disadvantages is the price. They’re more expensive than standard HD TVs because of their superior technology that displays bright, colorful images. This technology comes at a high cost. Therefore the price of this gadget is perfectly in line with what it delivers. With the tools that generate a unique 4k resolution, the device’s price will be difficult to reduce to an “affordable” level in the near future. 

Another con of UHD televisions is the lack of content options. Since the technology is newer, producers and manufacturers are still switching over to 4K resolution. Most of the newer shows and movies have 4K resolution, but the older shows do not. This may not be worth it for those who watch older content. 

How much does a UHD TV cost?

UHD televisions are not cheap. To be honest, the most recent UHD TV models start at $2,000 and go up from there, depending on screen size. The cost of a UHD TV is significantly more than a standard HD TV. However, UHD TV costs are likely to fall this year. Furthermore, it is critical not to purchase obsolete UHD TVs because they lack the most recent capabilities, limiting your ability to appreciate 4K technology. UHD TVs from unknown names should also be avoided since numerous studies demonstrate that they are inferior to products from well-known companies. 

Contact Specialized AV

Many major television manufacturers have 4K televisions. If you’re interested in upgrading to a UHD television, contact Specialized AV to see which video option is best for your home. We are happy to help you with audio and video services, home theater design, security systems, and more. Check out our more recent audio and video projects.