Misconceptions About Smart Home Automation

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Misconceptions About Smart Home Automation

Looking back, smart home automation has come a long way. Smart home automation will continue to grow, which just means more and more Sacramento homeowners will have smart homes. For those who are a little cautious about smart home technology, consider the misconceptions about smart home automation below.

Smart Home Automation 

Home automation systems allow homeowners to control lights, security cameras, entertainment systems, HVAC systems all from a smartphone or tablet. This advanced technology truly makes life so much easier. Many people have misconceptions about their efficacy, cost, how they function, and why they should be invested in. Our smart home automation installers share the truth in the following article. 

Myth #1 – Smart Home Automation Is Expensive & Time Consuming to Install

Contrary to common opinion, smart homes can be as affordable or as expensive as you want them to be. For example, if a person wants a custom-built design with only connected devices, the price would almost certainly be higher than anticipated.

However, updating in stages will cause the value to fluctuate. So, if you’re just getting started and want to dive into the world of home automation, a smart switch would be a great place to start. These switches, which can be operated by a smartphone, tablet, or voice command, allow you to manage individual lights, curtains, electrical appliances, and other devices, enhancing user experience and providing comfort on a daily basis.

Install additional devices as and when they suit the budget from here on out. When it comes to installation, home automation devices with sleek and compact designs are simple. They can be easily and efficiently incorporated into your home. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing, a company that offers home remodeling services, recommend getting smart home automation installed from the get-go (if you can). 

Myth #2 – Smart Home Users Must Be Tech Savy

Another common fallacy that prevents people from embracing smart technology is the belief that it would be too difficult to use. It should be noted that the vast majority of devices are either wireless or feature plug-and-play ease of use. Furthermore, if users choose to use voice commands, incorporating a smart speaker into the mix will work wonders.

Once your devices are connected to your home WiFi network, simple onscreen instructions must be followed to monitor appliances effectively. Even though this may seem to be a difficult job, it only takes a few clicks to turn your home into a smart one.

Myth #3 – Smart Devices Use a Lot of Power

Surprisingly, smart devices have the opposite effect. They are built with power consumption in mind and are energy efficient. They will adapt to your behaviors and desires without requiring you to input a predetermined schedule. As a result, they use less power than traditional devices by actively observing user insights and trends to save resources.

The actual energy savings will be determined by the type of system you choose and its automation capabilities. However, device suppliers say that the devices will help customers save between 10% and 15% on their heating and cooling bills. the source

Myth #4 – Smart Home Security Is Easily Breached

Another source of worry for many customers is the risk of stolen personal information or a data breach. Most businesses go to great lengths to ensure that smart devices are tamper-proof, maintaining protection and privacy. There are, however, a few steps you can take. Using a secure firewall on your router, for example, and installing encryption are effective ways to protect the information in the event that a hacker gains unauthorized access.

It is also a wise decision to thoroughly protect all devices equipped with cameras and vocal microphones. As in all aspects of home automation, there is no excuse not to feel absolutely secure inside your own home if proper planning is done. Our smart home devices at Specialized Audio and Video are fail-safe and provide you with all the security you need to keep yourself and your family members safe.

Myth #5: Building a Smart Home Isn’t a Good Investment.

This is commonly posed by those who are unwilling to spend money on home automation, but as previously mentioned, updating your home with smart technology is not always costly. Smart home solutions also provide concerned parents with an excellent way to keep an eye on their children while they are away from home.

Home automation, on the other hand, makes life more convenient and safer. Furthermore, any investment in a smart device yields an instant return on investment. There is typically an immediate advantage, whether it makes your life faster, better, or more available.

Furthermore, if you plan to sell your house, smart home technology, and home automation systems will increase both the desirability and the overall price. If not, you as a homeowner will benefit from using these devices on a regular basis.

Contact Specialized Audio and Video for a smart home estimate today! We service Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and more. Our audio and video techs look forward to hearing from you soon.

Home Automation System – One Smart Device to Rule Them All Remotely

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Home Automation System

Home automation systems are becoming more popular in the Sacramento Valley and nationally expected to top $100 billion in sales by 2020. Remote control units have always been designed to increase the functionality of the systems they come with while providing convenience to people. But when you have different remote control units each for climate control system, home entertainment, lighting, and security camera systems, that’s having one too many.

It may seem like a minor inconvenience handling different remote controls inside your household or commercial property, but almost every property owner knows that remote controls can be easily misplaced. And instead of enjoying your downtime at home, finding the right remote control for the system you are going to use can add to your confusion. Luxury home automation manufacturer, Savant has one remote for almost everything in your home! Read more about it here in this article from Forbes. 

A home automation system integrates various components of your home’s different systems into a single unit. By upgrading with this system, you can conveniently enjoy your home’s various units with just one smart device to control everything. Devices aside, homeowners are choosing home automation for safety, security, and peace of mind.

A Task Best Left to the Experts

Here at Specialized AV, we understand your needs and motivations. We know that you want a powerful yet easy-to-use system that provides you with greater control without the hassles of dealing with several remote control units and all the woes associated with that. We know that you’d want to hear your favorite tunes streamed to different parts of your household, enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, control the lights, and even bolster home security. You can do all of those and more through home automation.

Although it is possible to go the DIY route with this task, it is certainly better to leave it to the experts who have the knowledge, experience, and yes, even the tools to get the job done right the first time and in a hardwired and reliable system.

One System to Rule Them All:

An automation system can control various systems inside a dwelling or commercial property, including their subsystems. These systems include:

Climate Control

Automating this system offers the benefits of greater control, efficiency and even savings on energy bills. With just one console, you can turn heaters and AC units on and off.

Home Entertainment

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite music anywhere in your home or watch movies in your den, we can integrate all the systems involved in one handy console.


Switching lights located in different parts of your home on and off can be one great inconvenience after a difficult day at work. With a universal remote control, you can easily turn different lights inside your home on and off and even set a timer for these.


Through automation, you can enjoy greater functionality from your property’s security cameras. With an automated system, viewing, controlling the cameras, recording and taking snapshots have never been easier.

Access Control

Allows you the ability to open and close home doors, garage doors, gates, etc. when you are away from

home. This can be a great tool for allowing people access like maid services, family, friends, etc without having to give copies of your keys out. This is also a good tool for the person who looks on their cameras and notices he left the garage wide open.

Pool/Spa Control

Control everything on your Pool/Spa system. Turn deck jets on/off, control temperature, control schedules, lights, etc. from your Smart Device


Control schedules, turn system on/off, etc.