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Understanding the Basics of Distributed Audio 

You know those voices you hear when you are in the store? The ones that call for clean-ups on Aisle 3 and announce that Holly is missing her mother and that her mother should come to the front of the store and get her? Yeah, those ones, that’s not the voice in your head, it’s just the distributed audio system carrying the sound throughout the store. If you would like a distributed sound system installed in your store, contact Specialized AV in Sacramento.

About Distributed Audio Systems

Many businesses, including office buildings, fitness centers, and restaurants, use these types of audio systems on their premises. The systems are also known as Constant Power Systems or 70-Volt Systems.

Unlike the standard PA system, the distributed audio systems have inbuilt transformers in their speakers and special amplifiers that are used to power the speakers efficiently. The speakers also have electronics that help distribute the amplifiers’ power safely and evenly, which allows many speakers to be chained in parallel together. 

Distributed audio systems come in many sizes, so it all comes down to your preference. If you are conversant with the basic speaker wiring techniques, you could also install your own small system. However, you must ensure that your amplifier’s power rating can safely run the speakers. You can do this by checking out the “commercial audio video companies near me” for assistance, and you are sure to find plenty on distributed audio systems.

Systems operating on a large scale involve heavy-duty construction, and more wiring schemes need professional installations. 

Furthermore, different distributed audio systems are designed to suit different needs. To determine what you would need to create a system, you need to find out your installation requirements. 

Types of Distributed Audio Systems

Ask yourself what will the system be used for? Is it to communicate with your staff or to play background music in a noisy restaurant?

Foreground System

Many businesses that use this type of system, such as performance venues, nightclubs, and loud restaurants, need a system that they can crank the volume up. A foreground system provides louder volumes.

Background System

On the other hand, these types of systems are restricted to only low volume levels and have the ability to page. These systems are mostly used in recreation centers and quiet office buildings that require soft music playing in the background. To have the best background system installed in your office building, consider talking to us at Specialized AV for quick and easy installation in Sacramento, CA.

A Combination of the Two Systems

Some systems have the ability to play different types of background music on premises at the same time, as well as the ability to page individuals or staff members throughout the premises.

Types of Speakers

There are two types of speakers that are used in fixed installations:

Surface-Mount Speakers 

These are external speakers and are easier to install. These speakers also offer a better sound quality for music.

Ceiling-Mount Speakers 

Unlike surface-mount speakers, ceiling-mount speakers are installed inside walls and ceilings, hidden away. If you would prefer a visually non-invasive set-up that lets your store remain aesthetically pleasing without having little black boxes poking out of your walls, this is the better alternative.

When designing a distributed audio system, your Sacramento contractor should ensure that structural limitations are considered. Headwaters Construction Inc., a Sacramento commercial construction company, explains that this is because construction materials such as concrete walls, drop ceilings, or high rafters may affect your mounting options, speaker options as well as the audible characteristics of your space. For efficient, structured wiring for both commercial and residential premises, consider Specialized AV. We are, after all, the best audio and video company in Northern California.

After you have chosen the speakers you want to be installed, you will need a distributed amplifier. You may need a multi-channel amplifier or multiple amplifiers, depending on the power requirements of the speakers. For premises with different audios playing in different locations, you will need an amplifier with multiple zone controls.

Sound Sources

Your sound source may be an MP3 player, a CD player, satellite radio, a radio, microphones, cassette players, etc. Often, the installation will require more than one sound source, hence the need for a mixer. You can opt to purchase distributed amplifiers with integrated mixers or stand-alone distributed audio mixers.

Other things you should consider are volume controls that are positioned remotely. This will make it easier for various locations in the facility to control their volume without going to the reception each time they’d like to adjust it. 

Hire a Distributed Audio Company 

Familiarizing yourself with the available options before installing a system is important. Hiring an experienced professional from Specialized AV to design your large-scale systems will save you time and money. Contact us today for a free estimate!