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Conference Room Technology

The conference room is usually the first thing you see when you walk into a corporate office. As a business owner, you should want to make a good first impression. When you walk into a corporate office, and you see a standard definition TV on a wobbly cart, you’ll know that they’re not committed to innovation and efficiency. Similarly, if you step into a conference room and see a 4K TV perfectly flush with the wall, you’d be impressed. In this article, our audio and video specialists discuss conference room technology must-haves.

4K Television

There are many items you can justify purchasing— furniture, computers, appliances. Unfortunately, a non-negotiable is a decent television. A large shared screen is needed for video conferencing and business presentations to function properly. And, though they are more costly, 4K TVs are significantly better than their 1K counterparts. Even if you don’t use the TV to play full 4K video, having 4K resolution is worth it.

If you can afford a 4K TV, you can possibly afford to hire an audio and video company in Sacramento to install it on the inside of the wall as well. This restricts easy access to the HDMI ports in the back, but if you use a wireless presentation solution, providing easy access to the HDMI ports is not needed.


Although many of us use our smartphones to call people, landlines are still important. The telephone is here to stay, and you will undoubtedly need one for your conference room. You’ll need telephones that can provide clear audio, link several lines at once, and has hands-free capabilities (speakerphone and microphone included). Pro tip: avoid purchasing cheap telephones from Amazon. Instead, contact an audio specialist near me


If your meetings are regularly attended by more than 20 people, a 4K TV, no matter how beautiful it is, might not be enough. Consider purchasing a projector and turning an entire wall into a movie screen. Aside from providing a larger picture, today’s conference room projectors also provide more light. They work clearly in both dark and lit spaces and are small enough to be portable. High-end 4K projectors will cost as much as $10,000 or even $20,000, so definitely consult with an audio and video specialist to see if this is a necessary purchase. 


Purchasing a 4K TV or projector without also purchasing a good sound system may be counterproductive. If the sound is muffled, the amazing 4K resolution would be even less impressive.

It’s necessary to make sure that the sound is good on both ends. So, in addition to speakers, you may want to invest in a few microphones and place them strategically around the conference table. Our friends at Headwaters Constructin Inc., a tilt-up construction company, recommend having your sound installed when initially building your conference room. This makes the sound that much better.

Wireless Presentations

Without a wireless presentation solution, your conference room isn’t complete. A corporate conference room that relies on cables and wires to link laptops to the TV or projector is simply not feasible in today’s world. To accommodate any laptop that enters the room, you’d run out of outlets. If you tried to use all wires and converters at the same time, your conference room may spark. It is always best to go wireless these days.

Contact Specialized AV 

If you need help with making your dream conference room come to life, contact Specialized AV in Sacramento. Our team will help you choose the right brands for your conference room. We’re happy to provide you and your business with an estimate on our services.