Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System

Reason to Invest in a Home Security System - Sacramento

Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System in Sacramento

When becoming a new homeowner or moving into a new home, one essential investment you should consider making is installing a home security system. Even with additions such as the Ring, Vivint, and Nest, it gets the job done to ensure that your home is protected. In recent years, smart home technology has allowed many Sacramento homeowners the opportunity to keep tabs on their home while they’re away. So, here are some reasons to invest in home security system

Protect Your Family 

Your top priority is making sure that your family is safe from any intrusions. Whether you are at home or in the office, you want to make that your loved ones and belongings are protected from trespassers. Many audio and video companies in Sacramento can agree that a having a security camera system will protect your home. 

Distance Monitoring 

Today, most security systems come equipped with 24-hour surveillance through the app on your phone. All you need to do is a simple download. Enjoy your vacation and be able to check in here and there to see if the dog sitter came by or if the kids are having a fun time at home. Furthermore, you will be alerted of suspicious activity inside and out of your home and will be able to scare off intruders from the premises. Be able to talk through the security to have them running away and scared. Ultimately, the sight of just seeing your system will have them discouraged. 

Scare Away Intruders 

Seeing the type of sign or cameras installed outside of your home will do enough to have intruders think twice before trying to walk on your property. With newer technology in the systems, spook the invaders by talking to them. As an example, Nest security systems have a whistle installed to put people on high alert. This scares them away once they step on the premises and conduct suspicious activities. Make sure you never want to see these people ever again. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, who offer garage door repair in Sacramento, says that having a security system does help keep intruders from accessing your home. In fact, many intruders try to break in through the garage door or side door.

At Specialized AV, we provide a wide variety of security camera systems. Furthermore, one of our favorite  brands is ELAN. Contact Specialized Audio and Video for more information on our products.   

Reduce Homeowners Insurance Cost 

Once you become a homeowner, you must have an insurance policy. Additionally, the cost of home insurance depends on the home protecting issues, coverage, payment plans, insurance company, and other things. Our Sacramento audio and video experts point out that you can reduce your insurance cost by 10-20% with a security system already installed. 

Peace of Mind 

Knowing that your home is firmly secured and your loved ones are being kept safe will have you at a better peace. No one enjoys the stress of having to worry all the time. So, having a home security system gives you a breath of relief. 

Contact Specialized AV 

So, now that you understand the reasons to invest in home security system, you can decide if it’s for you. If you are looking for home security installation, Specialized Audio and Video are here to help. Our talented team is dedicated to helping you provide the products in keeping an eye on your home from intruders and having your family stay safe. To learn about our service and get a quote, please get in touch with Specialized AV today. We are happy to serve the Greater Sacramento area. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest news!

Are Home Security Systems Worth It

Are security systems worth it - Sacramento CA

Are Home Security Systems Worth It

A home security system is an investment, and like with any investment, it is critical to assess the expected return. While calculating the upfront and monthly costs of a security system and alarm monitoring is simple, you can’t put a price on safety and sound of mind. That may not be enough to convince you to hire a professional for security system installation. Read the article below to find out if home security systems are worth it.

What Do Home Security Systems Do?

Security systems may do more than just discourage thieves. No matter where you are, home security systems can make you feel like you’re connected to your house. They’re great for notifying you when doors are opened and closed. You may also be able to take advantage of additional, hidden benefits, such as reductions on homeowners or renters insurance.

Home Security Equipment

When determining the initial investment needed to add a security system to your Sacramento home, the average cost might range from $250 to more than $1,000. This all depends on the system, equipment, and installation that you select. Our team has years of experience in installing security systems in Sacramento, CA.

The good news is that they are one-time expenses, and you will most likely own the equipment. There are monthly fees to consider once your system is set up and running. You have a lot of control over the monthly cost of your security system because packages vary greatly depending on the services, features, and levels of monitoring you choose. Basic plans from trustworthy companies are available for as little as $20 a month.

However, depending on your demands and budget, more expensive services with features like as live, round-the-clock monitoring, or frequent security patrols might cost several hundred dollars or more each month.

Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

To assess whether a security system is worthwhile for your family, consider what would make it worthwhile for you. There is no doubt that alarm systems prevent theft. Break-ins are discouraged by security systems. In fact, 60% of convicted burglars say they will target another home if they discover a security system in the one they are attempting to loot.

If your goal is to reduce loss due to burglary, it’s clear that security solutions make a difference. However, if you add smoke alarm, carbon monoxide, and remote home automation services, that can assist prevent loss of valuables while managing energy expenses. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial construction company, say you might wind up saving a lot more with the additional services given by monitoring businesses.

Protect Your Valuables

Consider any irreplaceable objects, such as family heirlooms, art, or other items with significant sentimental worth. These items are invaluable, and there will be no way to compensate for the loss. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, a Sacramento garage door company, points out that a home security system can protect your valuables as well as your vehicles. In fact, it may cost you more to not have a security system. You will almost certainly have to invest in a security system to keep these goods safe. Depending on how accessible you want these goods to be, a security system may be preferable to store them somewhere other than your house.

Contact Specialized AV

So, are home security systems worth it? We’ll let you be the judge of that. If you need security system installation, audio and video services, or custom projects, contact Specialized AV. We serve the Greater Sacramento areas, and Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and more! Give us a call to schedule an estimate.