Are Smart Homes Worth The Investment?

are smart homes worth the investment?

Smart Homes Worth The Investment?

The advancement and development of technology have made a big impact on how our world works. With smartphones, voice assistants, other smart home appliances have all piqued people’s interest. Additionally, smart home automation has become very popular and can be found in a lot of new builds in the Greater Sacramento area. Smart homes make life easier and more comfortable, which is why you can expect to see more and more smart homes come to life. So, are smart homes worth the investment? In this article, our Sacramento AV experts discuss whether or not smart homes are worth it.

What Motivates People to Invest in Smart Homes?

Smart homes are extremely useful because they make our lives easier. They provide greater security, safety, and comfort than a typical house. They’re also good for the environment, and they’ll save you money in the long run! With a smart home, you’re making an investment with a potential for profit. Your quality of life will improve dramatically, you’ll save money in the long run, and your home’s resale value will rise as a result.

You can improve your smart home experience by investing $1,000-$3,000 in a smart hub. Despite the fact that smart home systems primarily offer convenience, style, and security, a smart home is a worthwhile investment for a variety of reasons.

Comfortable & Convenient 

The greatest benefit of having a smart home is the comfort and convenience it offers. It raises the bar on efficiency. They also make us more easily accessible and safer. Changing the temperature of your home, controlling the lighting, playing music, or closing the blinds can all be done without getting up from your couch.

Levels of Control

A smart home offers impressive levels of control. You can manage all of your smart home devices with a single app or device. Isn’t that amazing? By the time you wake up in the morning, you can have the temperature of your shower set and your coffee brewing!

Time Saver

Smart homes save their owners a lot of time. The settings can be adjusted based on what activities you want to perform when and when not. You are not required to be physically present at all times in order to complete your work.

A Second Hand

Smart homes can step in when you’re away at work and need someone to come in for routine cleaning or repair work. If you have a smart home system, you can open the doors remotely to let the workers in.

Stay Alert

If something goes wrong, your smart home will send you a notification right away. If someone tries to rob your house, you will be alerted right away that someone is in your house without your permission. The intruder can be quickly apprehended if you notify the appropriate authorities right away.

Because of the increased security that smart homes provide, they’re a wise investment. In comparison to conventional homes, smart homes with installed cameras and other security camera systems are far safer. Having a smart home is also a good option for those who have elderly family members living in residence. They will be more self-sufficient and enjoy a better quality of life if they can use voice commands to control various devices and appliances.

Smart Appliances

Smart homes allow you to control other aspects of your house from a distance in addition to your appliances. If you have a smartphone, you can use voice commands to lock your doors, make phone calls, and perform a slew of other actions. You can also use this technology to automate tasks like watering your lawn and feeding your pet, so they happen on your schedule. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing, who specializes in home remodeling, say smart home appliances make everyday tasks so much easier. In fact, they’re worth trying out.

Energy Efficient

You’ll save a lot of money on your energy bills with a smart home. Using automation to control your home’s heating and cooling systems will save you money and energy. By learning your schedule and temperature preferences, a programmable smart thermostat can optimize your comfort levels.

Contact Specialized AV

To sum it all up, smart homes are more valuable as an investment because of their higher resale value. Home automation features like smart security, climate control, appliances, and entertainment are in high demand, making smart homes very popular. Smart homes are the perfect investment for anyone in the market to buy or upgrade a home. If you’d like to transform your home into a smart home, contact Specialized Audio and Video for an estimate on smart home installation services in the Greater Sacramento area. 


Things to Consider in a Conference Room

Important things to consider in a conference room design

Important Things to Consider In A Conference Room Design

Going back to the office is exciting, but not everyone may feel this way. A newly designed conference room could make you and your employees’ work lives a lot easier. Conference rooms are supposed to be a collaborative space. If your conference room isn’t set up this way, it can push back deadlines. In this article, Sacramento AV experts at Specialized Audio and Video share a few things to consider in a conference room design. Need professional help? Contact Specialized AV today!

Preferred Screen Size

If you want to get the most out of your conference room, we suggest getting a big smart TV or projector. This makes it easier to view PowerPoint presentations, Zoom calls, or meetings. When choosing your smart TV or projector, there are a few things you should consider. The best audio and video companies always recommend factoring in the ceiling height, wall width, and the distance to the farthest seat. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a Sacramento general contractor, recommend getting a quote on professional design. Otherwise, you may be happy with your conference room design. 

Conference Room Factors

Many people make a critical blunder when calculating the distance to the farthest seat. To accommodate “multiple” people, conference rooms are set up so that everyone can see the “same” presentation. There is no point in having a room if someone at the back of the room cannot see or read what’s on the screen. Many customers mistakenly believe that they can use a flat-screen TV in place of a projector. If you’re in a small space, the chances are good. However, even on a 60-page Excel spreadsheet, you will never see small numbers. “At a distance of over ten feet, you can see a flat panel. Unfortunately, many of our customers ignore our recommendations and learn the hard way. It’s important to use the right tool for the job, just like in any other profession. In a small room, a flat panel TV is often the best option. A long conference table and a large room don’t go well together. If you have questions about your conference room design, contact Specialized AV.

Formatting the Space

Depending on the screen format, you’ll need to fine-tune your ballpark screen size after you’ve established it. Will you be using a 16:10 or 16:9 wide-screen or a 4:3 standard? Most new AV installations will use wide-screen displays. So the 4:3 format is no longer important. Decide on the primary use of the room to determine the best format wide-screen size for you. The biggest thing to consider in a conference room is to first understand what your using the room for. When presenting computer-generated data, we prefer a 16:10 aspect ratio. The 16:10 aspect ratio in Word makes it possible to view two full-sized document pages side by side. Many new laptops now have a 16:9 aspect ratio because that is the format used by most HDTVs sold to consumers. Both formats are supported by most modern projectors, but we prefer to work with their native resolutions whenever possible. In a business setting, 16:10 screens and projectors are typically specified and preferred.

The Right Lighting Is Important

How’s the lighting for the conference room? This will be yet another crucial factor to take into account. The typical brightness of a modern projector is around 3500 ANSI lumens. According to how many windows your meeting room has, you may even be able to leave some lights on during your presentation with that number. However, a projector with a lumen rating of over 4000 lumens is recommended for rooms holding 12 or more people. Having a large meeting room means you should have a light source with at least 4500 lumens and preferably 5000+. When comparing projector specifications, proceed with caution. The specifications may not be completely accurate. Even if two projectors have identical specifications, they will not always produce the same results. That’s where consulting with a reputable AV company can be extremely beneficial. This is something that we have seen time and time again. On paper, numbers aren’t always a good indicator of how two products will perform or look in real life.

Contact Specialized AV

Before making any changes to your conference room, we hope this has given you a better idea of what to think about. Although there are many other factors to consider, our AV experts will help you get started on the right path. Contact us today to get an estimate on your audio and video project. Check out our work for more conference room design inspiration.

Are TV Mounts Safe?

are tv mounts safe - Sacramento

Are TV Mounts Safe to Use? 

Most homes nowadays have flat-screen TVs in almost every room. They’re great for entertainment, but some people have a hard time with displaying their TV screens. Since every home has its own unique layout, it can be hard to properly hang or display your TV. Properly hanging your TV can improve viewing quality and free up space. You may be wondering if TV mounts are safe to use. The short answer is yes, but of course, it depends on who and how your TV is mounted. With the cost of TV screens increasing, the last thing you would want is your TV to come crashing down. In this article, we answer: are tv mounts safe to use? For professional audio and video services, please contact Specialized AV today.

What Is There To Be Done

Those who try to mount their TV themselves will need to have a lot of time on their hands. Although wall mounts are relatively inexpensive, mounting your 68″ TV by yourself is a lot harder than you think. TV mounts have an anti-tip strap that secures your TV and furniture together. These straps are quite sturdy. Today’s TV mounts may also accommodate your accessories and other electrical components. You may easily put a streaming device panel behind your TV to keep small streaming components like Roku or Apple TV out of reach and sight of curious young eyes or paws. Furthermore, the last thing you want is for your child to tear out the wires or cords. However, you will be relieved to learn that TV mounts are also capable of concealing these components after the final installation has been completed.

TV Mounts Also Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Room

Of course, your children and pet’s safety are priority. However, you also want to get the most out of your television screen. TV wall mounts allow you to adjust the angle of your TV screen for the optimum viewing experience. You may even alter the appearance of your entire room. If you are looking for a TV bracket in Sacramento, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our range of top TV mounts will provide you with the best viewing experience and are equipped with a variety of safety measures, making us one of the industry leaders.

How Can I Tell if The TV Height Is Adequate?

Your living room isn’t complete without a television set. Others feel the same way about other living rooms in your home, such as the kitchen, home office, bedroom, and so on. The technique is simple: buy a television set, bring it home, and arrange it in the best possible location (which can either be mounted directly on the wall or placed on a cabinet or table). If you intend to mount your TV set on the wall, things can become a little tricky, and you may find yourself surrounded by certain doubts, such as the approximate height for mounting your TV set and so on.

It is critical to determine the height of your TV set if you intend to install it or use a TV stand. After you have installed the television, it is critical that the viewer’s comfort is prioritized. Aside from reducing reflections, a comfortable viewing position is essential. It is not as straightforward as most people believe to determine the appropriate height of a flat-screen TV set. To determine the optimal height for mounting, you must first understand a variety of factors of the TV, such as the viewing angle, eye-level height and viewing angle, and size. Below, we explore some of these factors you should consider before mounting your TV.

Things to Consider When Choosing a TV Height

When watching TV, your eye level is computed when you are sitting rather than standing. To figure out how high you’ll be sitting, measure the distance from the floor to your eyes. According to our Sacramento audio and video experts, the TV should not be positioned more than 30 degrees from the wall.

Size of the Television Set

The TV set’s size just comprises the viewing area of the TV. Understanding the size of the TV’s viewing area can assist you in determining the height at which you should mount the set. It is critical to remember that you are judging from the floor to the center of the TV set, not from the top or bottom.

Contact Specialized AV

All you need to do is contact Specialized Audio and Video for professional TV mounting. Our audio and video services are of the highest quality. Also, we will ensure that your TV set looks beautiful on your wall. We proudly serve the Greater Sacramento area and beyond. Give us a call today to get a quote on our AV services! Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news.

Why Home Network Is Important

why home network is important - Sacramento AV

Why a Home Network Is Important to Have In Your Sacramento Home

A home network or wifi network is a collection of gadgets that link to the internet and each other. This is considered to be phones, tablets, computers, smart home technology, and gaming systems. This technology can communicate with each other while in the neighborhood of the house by linking. A home network can connect devices both wired and wirelessly. A wired network requires devices to be connected by cables, whereas a wireless network allows devices to communicate without the use of wires. The adoption of new technology has made a home network as valuable as other household utilities such as gas and television for many families. In this article, our Sacramento audio and video team explains why home network is important for any household.

Benefits of a Home Network

  • A home network allows you to connect to the internet from different devices and share music, photos, and data among networked devices.
  • It enables the streaming of movies, music, and other forms of entertainment across many devices.
  • Streaming gadgets, gaming systems, and clever televisions have enabled us to consume a vast variety of information.
  • It allows you to share resources such as printers and scanners. When connected to a home network, for example, many computers can print to a single printer.
  • Additionally, it simplifies the management of smart home devices such as thermostats, cameras, and security systems.
  • It gives you the ability to improve your smart home automation devices by smoothly linking them to an automated house.
  • Your enjoyment of entertainment, for example, is linked to a home network. Nobody wants to see a spinning wheel or a shuttering display while attempting to view their favorite show or movie, which is why a strong and healthy network is crucial.

How to Secure Home Network 

  • Hire a professional for home network installation.
  • Protect your home network with essential security tools like a firewall and a network password.
  • Manage cables and wires to assist preserve the basic functionality of cables and to protect devices from obstructed airflow.
  • Keep an eye on your network speed to see if there are any problems with your bandwidth.
  • Finally, keep your networking equipment protected from light, heat, moisture, and dust.

Contact Specialized AV

Now that you know why a home network is important to have, you can make the steps to have the best home network system. Unfortunately, if not protected, a home network can become a playground for harmful actions carried out by those with evil intent. As we rely more on home networks, it is critical to invest in the initial architecture and technology to assure the quickest speeds and greatest levels of security. Whether you want to get started with a strong network or you need to update your present network to keep it running smoothly, Specialized AV provides a variety of solutions for strong, high-quality network technology. Our Sacramento AV company proudly serves the Greater Sacramento area and beyond. Also, follow Specialized AV on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest projects.

Man Cave Must-Haves

man cave - sacramento

What Every Man Cave Needs

Nowadays, everyone desires the ideal man cave to provide a peaceful getaway from the stresses of everyday life. After a long work week, it’s always nice to come home to a place that is 100% yours. So, what exactly does the ultimate man cave have to offer? In honor of football season starting again, Sacramento AV experts have put together a few must-haves for your man cave. 


You must first and foremost have comfy seats. Watching the big game or your favorite movies isn’t the same if you don’t have the right couch or recliner. Our favorites are made of genuine leather. You may choose from hundreds of different styles and microfiber colors, as well as different grades of leather if you use the correct source for your seats.

Big Screen 

When it comes to man cave big screens, there are two options: projectors and HD TVs. Both technologies have advanced dramatically in recent years, and either can give high-fidelity photos when you need them the most. Projectors require a little more setup and can be tricky if the lighting isn’t correct, but they might be a cost-effective option if you need a large screen. TVs will be easier to use, although they may be slightly more expensive for the same size image as projectors. Consider your budget and available space, then chat with an experienced consultant who can share their expertise with you. Read this article to learn more about projectors vs. TVs.

Surround Sound Speakers 

To go with your receiver, you’ll need high-quality speakers. For the most powerful bass, depending on the layout of your man cave, you should choose a powered subwoofer. This function is especially useful if you love entertaining guests or hosting movie nights. There is an almost endless supply of high-quality speakers to pick from, so it is critical that you consult with someone who is well-versed in this area.


Having everything you need to prepare the perfect drinks is an important part of entertaining. We recommend storing your favorite adult drinks and sodas. Whatever drinks your family often uses, that way you don’t have to go too far to get a refreshment.


Pool table, dartboard, or other classic games are excellent for a man cave. Most people love playing games, especially in a man cave. When you have your buddies over for a guys’ night in, nothing beats a few hands of poker with a drink in the other hand. To finish the setting, add low-hanging billiard lights to create an old-school ambiance.

Book Nook

For those looking to add some sophistication to their man cave, consider adding a book nook area. Including a bookcase and filling it with classic literature is impressive. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial construction company, recommends floor to ceiling bookcase. This will make the space look more masculine, and the ceilings will appear larger. 

Contact Audio and Video Company 

While Specialized AV does not carry everything on this list, we can help you with your audio and video needs. Contact Specialized AV for professional installation on TVs, receivers, and surround sound options to help you create the ultimate sound system for your man cave. We offer the best audio and video services in Sacramento. Call us today!

Projectors vs. TVs

projectors vs. tvs - Sacramento AV

The Battle of the Big Screens: Projectors vs. TVs


Your home is your sanctuary. It’s important to have what you need to call home. For some, this could be a designated home office, kitchen, or TV room. Nowadays, most Americans have one TV in every room as a way for entertainment. If your household is big on entertaining guests, you may be considering audio and video upgrades. Many home theaters have a big 4k TV. But, that’s not the only option. Today, home projectors give TVs a run for their money. Choosing between the two can be difficult. So, this raises the question: which is better? In this article, our Sacramento AV experts weigh out the pros and cons of projectors vs. TVs.  


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Living Room Projector

Let us begin by looking at projectors. Though they were long restricted to the domains of the corporate conference room and the movie theater, they are now a popular choice for homeowners seeking that extra visual edge.


Benefits of Projectors

  • In terms of screen size, a living room projector is an increasingly cost-effective option. The projector can easily produce a bigger screen area, but a TV that size will cost you a pretty penny. 
  • The capacity to maximize high-resolution content. You can view all of the fine details in your ultra HD material with a living room projector setup. If you don’t have a big enough TV, those visuals won’t be as sharp.
  • Maintain more adaptability in the use of your media room; projectors are simple to place, and screens are usually simple to store. It is more difficult to move a TV if you desire a more versatile entertainment space.

Cons of Projectors

  • The size of the screen is still restricted by the size of the room; for a larger image, a greater distance between the screen and the projector is required. In certain households, this will impose a hard limit on the size of your screen. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., a commercial construction company, point out that this can be said for conference rooms as well. When in doubt, contact a professional for their opinion.
  • Most projectors still require dim lighting to produce the finest image. There are ultra-bright projectors available, but they are more expensive. The greatest projectors may attain contrast levels comparable to some televisions; nevertheless, for most devices, darker environments are preferable, which may limit utility for some users.
  • Maintenance can be an issue. With a TV, you simply plug it in and start watching; with a projector, you will need to replace air filters and bulbs on a regular basis. Some homeowners may find this inconvenient if it is ceiling mounted.

The Benefits of TVs

  • A large TV may provide tremendous entertainment value for many households, especially with the expanding availability of 4K material. 
  • Easy to purchase 
  • Improved brightness and contrast. Regardless of the lighting in your home, it is always simple to view clean and clear details on the screen.
  • It is easier to install and takes up less total space to offer a comfortable viewing distance. Furthermore, most TVs today can be readily mounted to the wall, freeing up extra floor space.
  • With Smart TV features now prevalent and easily accessible plugs and connectors for adding game consoles, cable connections, and more, it’s easier to utilize as a media hub.

Disadvantages of TVs

  • Cost. Today’s top-of-the-line televisions can be expensive, especially if you want all of the latest bells and whistles, such as OLED technology. If you have to choose between a projector and a TV for 4K content, projectors may be the more affordable option.
  • Less than efficient audio quality. Built-in speakers on televisions are sometimes insufficient for home theater use, which is a concern with projectors as well. You’ll likely need to have a professional AV company install a speaker or surround sound system to match your new TV.
  • Size and position are fixed.  

What’s Better: Projectors vs. TVs

Unfortunately, there’s not one clear answer. As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into both. It will depend on the size of the space, your audio and video needs, and your budget. Projectors may give a longer-lasting opportunity to provide movie-watching experiences. However, it might not be adequate for small spaces. A TV may be the ideal option, especially when it comes to selecting the other parts of the space. However, there is no definitive answer as to whether you should buy a projector or a television – each buyer’s circumstances will play a significant role in the decision. Having said that, both approaches offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. You can always contact a professional for help.


Contact Specialized AV 

As we’ve seen, there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the issue, and determining the best option necessitates a comprehensive examination of what you want most from the viewing experience. Of course, matching your selections to your budget and space constraints is essential. At Specialized Audio and Video, our team will help you choose the best audio and video products for your home. Contact us today to learn more about our audio and video services.

Hiring a Professional for Commercial AV Installation

Hiring a Professional for Commercial AV Installation - Sacramento

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Commercial AV Installation

There’s a lot that goes into starting a business, especially if it’s a retail store or restaurant. Nowadays, the ambiance is everything. People want to feel like they had the best experience possible. Additionally, you’ll need to design the right seating, lighting, acoustics, etc., for customers to feel wowed. Unfortunately, choosing and installing audiovisual equipment for music and visual presentations is frequently pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Many business owners recommend hiring a professional for commercial AV installation. In this article, our Sacramento AV experts share why.

Only The Highest Quality AV Products

Because not all speakers and TV displays are made equal, it might be challenging to choose the best brands and models for your company. This is where a Sacramento audio and video installer might come in handy. When you partner with Specialized AV, you can be confident that you’re receiving only the highest-quality goods. your customers will have an enhanced audiovisual experience in your store.

From DBX to Samsung and others, our favored brands are leaders in AV systems, delivering high-fidelity sound and 4K display solutions that are simple to use in a multi-area setup ranging from a few zones to thousands. Furthermore, when you let a professional integrator choose and install your commercial AV system, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re getting the best bang for your dollars or providing the finest entertainment for your customers.

All The Right Acoustics

Your company’s floor plan is critical in determining where to install speakers, displays, and wiring. Most restaurants and retail stores have high ceilings and open areas, which is a recipe for bad acoustics. Our friends at Headwaters Construction Inc., Sacramento general contractor, recommends keeping this in mind when designing your building. When our team designs your commercial AV installation, we will make certain that your speakers provide clear and even sound. Furthermore, displays will be viewable from all angles and optimized for areas where customers may easily assemble to watch sports or read digital menus. 


No matter how many speakers or TVs we install in your room, you’ll have the convenience of managing your whole AV system from a single universal remote. Controlling your music and displays should be simple and intuitive because running a business is difficult enough. Furthermore, we make it happen when you collaborate with Specialized AV.

Distribute audio sources throughout your restaurant or shop, including private rooms and outdoor seating spaces. When it’s time for sports or a digital menu change, you can quickly handle your media from a single central system. Additionally, this allows you to spend more time responding to your customers. You may even program your AV system to switch on and off automatically based on your business’s operating hours.

Sacramento Audio and AV

Our skilled commercial audio and visual installation services can significantly improve your Sacramento area business’s entertainment experience. Not only will our high-quality solutions provide crystal-clear sound and ultra-high-definition screens for your space, but you’ll also save time and resources with an integrated system that allows you to operate all of your devices from a single user-friendly interface.

The Specialized AV team is ready to assist you in elevating your business with a quality audio-video system. To speak with a skilled AV installer right now, simply call us here or submit a live chat below. We are excited to hear from you! Contact Specialized Audio and Video today for commercial AV installation

Myths About Security Systems

myths about security systems - sacramento

Common Myths About Security Systems

Security cameras are essential for many business owners and homeowners. They help keep burglars away, protect property, and give you peace of mind. So, what’s stopping you from protecting your property with security cameras? Sacramento audio and video experts share the most common myths about security systems.  

All Security Cameras Work The Same

This is the most widespread misconception concerning security cameras. While most CCTV cameras appear the same and include features such as 24-hour video capture, not all cameras have the same capability. In fact, we’ve moved away from these types of security cameras. Security camera systems are available in a variety of configurations, with some being more advanced than others. Some even include number plate tracking, POS transaction monitoring, and long-range night vision. Make certain you purchase the proper one for your requirements.

Wireless Security Cameras Do Not Require Wires

Wireless security cameras, unlike wireless speakers or headphones, are not entirely wireless. They still need wiring to connect to a power source. In this case, the phrase alludes to the camera’s lack of a need for cables to connect to the storage hub. Because wireless cameras connect through the internet, they mostly save data to the cloud. They must, however, rely on wires to connect to power outlets and hence cannot be considered totally wireless.

Security Cameras Record Everything

While this appears to be true, not every camera is capable of capturing a larger field of view. The reason for this is due to the lens. Different lenses provide varying degrees of reach and vision, limiting the camera’s capacity to photograph a specific object within the frame. So, the next time you see a camera in a structure, keep in mind that it isn’t always necessary for it to record everything in view. This is why, during installation, selecting the proper placements is critical for covering essential sections in your location, which takes us to our next myth.

Selecting Security System Locations Is A Piece of Cake

Choosing the best location for installation is complex and time-consuming. Placing cameras in unsuitable locations might reduce their versatility and efficacy even further. You must also examine a number of other aspects. For example, during certain times of the day, you should be aware of sunlight flares obstructing the camera. Alternatively, keep in mind items that may obstruct your camera’s field of vision, such as tree branches. For these reasons, it is always best to have them installed by a professional home security company. Specialized Audio and Video are happy to provide you with home security installations services in Sacramento.

Security Systems Are Expensive

Ask any Sacramento AV company, and they will tell you otherwise. Aside from those with cutting-edge surveillance technology, there are various low-cost options on the market today that provide robust security without breaking the budget. With a little more research or the help of a professional, you may find amazing solutions or even a whole security camera system that fits within your budget. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing Services, a home remodeling company, adds that most homeowners will invest in a security system because it means their loved ones and property are safer.

Contact Sacramento AV

Now that we’ve debunked several security camera myths make sure you think about everything before purchasing security cameras for your property. Specialized AV is always available to assist with the installation of professional security cameras in the Greater Sacramento area. 


Mistakes When Installing Outdoor Sound System

Mistakes When Installing Outdoor Sound Systems - Sacramento

Common Mistakes When Installing Outdoor Sound Systems

Installing an outdoor sound system is one of the best home improvement projects you can do today, especially during the summertime. An outdoor sound system will not only enhance your backyard activities but will also add entertainment value to your property. However, establishing a high-quality outdoor sound system requires more forethought and expertise than you might imagine. It’s more than just putting Bluetooth speakers on the patio. If you’re thinking about investing in outdoor audio, Sacramento Audio and Video experts urge you to avoid these common mistakes when installing outdoor sound system.

Using Indoor Speakers Outside

Perhaps you have some stereo speakers that sound fantastic indoors. So why not bring them outside when you’re lounging on the patio or swimming in the pool? This is why: Indoor speakers are not intended to thrive in outdoor settings. Heat, water, and debris will all wreak havoc on your expensive equipment. Additionally, indoor speakers are designed for an enclosed acoustic environment. Your indoor speakers will lack the volume level needed to fill your backyard.

Setting Up Speakers in the Wrong Space 

Proper speaker placement is critical in any acoustic situation, but it is more critical in outdoor locations where there are no enclosed walls to contain sound. You should also think about where you want to listen to music. Maybe you just want speakers on your deck, or maybe you want music to permeate every square foot of your backyard. Your preferences will have a considerable impact on which speakers you select and where you set them. Wall-mounted stereo speakers, for example, are perfect for containing sound under a covered porch, but landscape satellites are good for covering huge outside areas with even sound. There are plenty of audio and video products to choose from.

Poor Audio Distribution

It is not necessary to have a separate outside sound system from your indoor sound system. If you are a serious music aficionado searching for a more convenient way to handle your home audio, audio distribution is a good option. A multi-room audio system enables you to play music in any area of your home with linked speakers, including the outdoors. Simply choose where you want to listen to music, an artist or playlist, and press play. These systems combine your zones, audio sources, and controls into a single, user-friendly interface! 

Not Collaborating With an AV Expert

If you decide to do this DIY on your own, there are lots of wireless weather-resistant speakers available online. However, if you want a system that is high quality, reliable, easy to use, and preserves the beauty of your backyard, you should consult with a Sacramento AV professional. You won’t have to worry about appropriate speaker placement or bothersome controls when your outdoor sound system is professionally planned and installed to enhance the listening experience while keeping the focus on the beauty of your landscaping. Simply select your chosen audio device, create a playlist, and unwind. Specialized Audio and Video offer a wide variety of audio and video services. Contact us today to learn more! Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our latest news.

Why You Need Professional TV Installation

Why You Need Professional TV Installation - Sacramento

Why You Need Professional TV Installation Services

Mounting flat-screen televisions to the wall is a must for most households in the U.S. In fact, most people have a television in every room. A professionally mounted TV provides your room with a sleek, minimalist appearance. Although hanging your TV yourself sounds doable, most people fail to do it correctly. As a result, they waste precious time and money. So, why not leave it to the professionals? Sacramento audio and video experts share the top reasons why you need professional TV installation services. 

Avoid a Crooked TV

After spending a couple of hours carefully reading the manufacturer’s instructions for the TV mount, finding the studs, and precisely measuring everything out, the last thing you want to discover when you’re finished is that your television is crooked. Not only will you be frustrated, but you’ll have to start from scratch. A professional TV mounting service will guarantee that your television is absolutely straight and even, allowing you to view all of your favorite shows and sports without having to turn your head to the side.

It’ll Be The Perfect Height

You may not realize it at first, but the height at which you hang your television is significant. The ideal height for hanging it is at the viewer’s eye level. This is, of course, dependent on the height of your couch and the size of your television.

Though you can easily guess the perfect height on your own, having a professional install the television will ensure that you are not straining your neck or eyes. A professional will know exactly what to consider while hanging your television, taking the guesswork out of the equation. 

Interested? Here’s what to look for in an AV installer.

Won’t Risk Damaging Your TV

Although the price of flat-screen televisions has decreased significantly in recent years, this does not imply that they are inexpensive. When you buy a new television, the last thing you want to do is break it.

Professional TV mounting protects your television from inadequate installation, slick hands, or an insufficient mounting system. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, a Sacramento garage door expert, agree that having a professional handle the installation protects your new purchase and saves you the hassle. 

Won’t Harm Your Wall

Televisions have become considerably lighter over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still a big thing to put on your wall. Depending on the size of the television, the average television weighs between 25 and 100 pounds.

Because this is a significant amount of weight to be placed on your wall, any mistakes could result in catastrophic, long-term damage. To avoid dealing with a drywall blunder, engage a professional to conduct the work so you can be confident that the television will be hung appropriately and safely.

Hire a Professional

Do you require a professional TV mounting service? Leave it to the skilled TV mounting technicians at Specialized Audio and Video. Our AV experts provide full services that include television mounting as well as other difficult processes like cable concealment, soundbar installation, surround sound configuration, installation above a fireplace, and much more. We serve the Greater Sacramento area and beyond. Contact Specialized Audio and Video for more information on our services.