How to Automate Your Backyard

How to automate your backyard

If you have a smart home, you may be interested in enhancing your smart features all the way to your yard. Having a smart backyard is a wonderful idea for those looking to truly enhance their quality of life. Today on the blog, Specialized AV, the best whole home automation company, shares how to automate your backyard.

How to Automate Your Sacramento Backyard

First, let’s discuss how to automate your yard. Wireless speakers to heating and cooling systems are examples of innovative home technology and automation. Additionally, you may improve your outdoor living areas with technologies that support lighting, security, entertainment, landscaping, and irrigation. Also, you can easily convert your garden into a practical and comfortable retreat by adopting intelligent outdoor technology. Below, our whole home automation Sacramento team shares ways to automate your backyard.

Automatic Outdoor Lighting

Next, smart lighting is a cutting-edge solution to illuminate your patio. Thus, smart plugs and outlets allow you to link your phone or tablet to a light fixture through Wi-Fi and turn it on or off from anywhere. Additionally, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled smart light bulbs perform similarly to contemporary outdoor lighting. To make things even simpler, connect your lighting to your to your smart home system so that you can provide verbal orders. Importantly, our whole home automation Roseville team says this is one of our most popular features.

Also, patio lighting is attractive and functional, and smart technology makes it even better. Additionally, our whole home automation company near me explains that dimmer lamps may be used to create ambiance on your deck, or you can invest in automatic solar lighting for a more environmentally friendly solution. A motion-activated front porch light saves energy by turning on only when someone approaches your door and giving much-needed illumination as you walk inside.


When it comes to home security, smart technology has you covered. As follows, outdoor equipment should be weatherproof and securely fastened to the home to guarantee it remains in place in all weather situations. Other choices are available on the market. For example, our security system installation Roseville experts share that comprehensive systems that include multiple cameras to cover all of your home’s entry points or intelligent locks.

Monitoring applications connect to your cameras and let you monitor recordings from different places in real-time, review stored footage, set timers, and receive alerts when someone approaches the door. Remote control locks with passcodes replace keys for even more security, offering you a more private method to access your property and allowing you to let guests in while you’re gone.

Entertainment Systems

Entertaining is a breeze when you have a smart home setup in your garden. Smart speakers with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi allow you to connect your phone and stream music directly from your device. You may also use speakers disguised as natural objects such as pebbles to keep your garden’s organic flow.

Additionally, a theater system is another enjoyable way to employ innovative technology for outdoor enjoyment. Therefore, install a projector behind your porch awning, gazebo, or canopy and organize movie nights. For the ultimate big-screen experience, get a folding screen or throw a white sheet over the fence. So, complete your patio design with a few chairs and chaises for comfortable outdoor seating.

Lawn Care and Gardening Smarts

Cutting the grass may be an uphill task, especially if you have a large property. Thus, robotic lawnmowers enable hands-free, low-effort mowing, allowing you to spend more time relaxing in your yard.

Also, weather forecasting is an essential aspect of arranging outside activities. Gilmore Heating Air and Plumbing, HVAC Sacramento, shares that a solar-powered smart weather station monitors data such as humidity, temperature, and wind speed, keeping you informed at all times. Therefore, install it aboveground in an open place of your yard, such as on the deck railing.

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Smart Home Automation in Sacramento

smart home automation in sacramento

Smart Home Automation in Sacramento, CA

Home automation is the professional name for what consumers refer to as the “Smart Home.” In a nutshell, whole home automation Sacramento allows you to operate all of your control systems from single, simple master control. As a result, you can manage anything in your house. This whether at home or on the other side of the world, as long as you have an internet connection on a smartphone or tablet.  

What Are Some Simple Methods of Controlling Your Home?

Today on the blog, Specialized AV, best whole home automation company, shares all you need to know about smart home automation in Sacramento.

Control of Security

First, imagine controlling entrance points, monitor your property’s perimeter and watch activities both within and outside your property. Home surveillance cameras are becoming commonplace in Sacramento Valley households. Our Home Security Systems Roseville explains that with the use of home automation, you can view your security camera’s lenses in real-time. Today, security cameras provide footage while performing actions like moving the camera, capturing films, and taking photos. When it comes to protecting your loved ones, nothing beats total comfort and peace of mind.

Control of Lighting

Control the lighting and shades in your house to conserve energy and improve the mood. There is nothing more convenient than controlling curtains, lights, and more with the touch of your phone or remote. 

Temperature Regulation

Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, heating company Sacramento, shares that smart home automation can help you balance comfort and energy economy. Heating and cooling systems account for most of a household’s energy use. You may turn on or off the heater or air conditioner as needed by automating these devices. Integrate your smartphone to program your heater or air conditioner so that your home is at the perfect temperature all year.

Improve Your Home Experience

At Specialized AV, whole home automation near me, many of our clients come to us intending to build a home theater with smart home automation. You may use home automation to operate various appliances from your home theater with simply a universal remote control. We also use Elan Home Systems devices.

Smart Home Automation is a Need

Consider having complete control over your TV, indoor and outdoor sound systems, lighting systems, HVAC system, and security system from a single device. We feel that smart homes are more than a luxury; they are a need. Every house needs automation that is meant to grow with your family, from energy savings to the protection of your loved ones.

Since 2003, Specialized Audio & Video Inc. has serviced the Sacramento Valley. We deliver and maintain cutting-edge technology services with our wonderful team. As follows, we feel that service makes a difference at this business. Thus, we make sure that all of the goods we offer are well understood before deploying them to our clients. Lastly, we only utilize fully backed and supported items by our manufacturers. This is to provide the most satisfactory service possible to our clients and ensure that the products will operate. Contact us today for more information!

Increase Home Value With Smart Features

Increase Home Value With Smart Features

How to Increase Your Home’s Value With Smart Features

There are no prerequisites for making your smart home, well, smart. Installing one or more smart gadgets in your house qualifies your home as a smart home. You have the ability to make your house as smart as you want it to be. Our Sacramento Audio and Video company share that there are several gadgets that may be added to improve your home’s value. 

1. Select Your Assistant

First,  select your helper. Google Home and Amazon Echo are the most popular voice-controlled assistants. These gadgets are related but not identical. The assistant will aid you in the operation of your other smart gadgets. “OK Google, turn on the lights” or “Alexa, play music” are examples of commands.

As follows, ensure that any additional gadgets you add to your smart home are compatible with your assistant. Additionally, search “whole home automation companies near me” for more. 

2. Install Smart Electrical Lighting

With smart lighting, you can come into your home and say “Alexa, I am home,” and then configure certain lights to turn on when you say that. Some of the choices are dimmable and multi-colored. Smart lighting may also be managed via a phone app, allowing you to control your house lights even when you are not there. If you’re away from home or on vacation but don’t want your house to seem vacant, this is an excellent security feature to have. The bridge enables you to operate numerous devices at the same time when you are away from home.

3. Install a Smart Thermostat

Our neighbors at Gilmore Heating Air and Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC, recommend installing a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat can help you save energy by measuring your consumption. This thermostat will help you save energy by recognizing trends in your house and adjusting the temperature depending on movement at specific times of day. You can check your daily and monthly energy history on your app, as well as where you may cut back to save energy and money. 

4. Get Smart Security Systems Installed

Smart cameras may be installed both inside and outside the home. Our security system installation Sacramento explains that these cameras connect to an app, allowing you to monitor what is going on inside or outside your house from anywhere you are. When motion is detected on the cameras, the app will tell you. If you decide to add cameras, make sure you’re on a secure network to keep your personal life secret.

5. Get a Smart Doorbell and Lock

The smart doorbell includes an in-built camera, allowing you to see who is at the door and speak with them without having to go to the door. These gadgets are simple to set up and affordable. You will be notified when motion is detected.

Additionally, smart locks are keypads that enable you to lock or unlock your door without the use of a physical key. Thus, there is an app that, like other smart gadgets, allows you to operate the function from your phone. Furthermore, if you are someone who frequently forgets their keys, has difficulty locating them, smart locks are a terrific convenience and safety advantage.

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Get Home Tech Ready

get home tech ready for the holidays

How to Get Your Home Tech Ready For the Holidays

You may be looking for ways to spread a little extra cheer this holiday season. Here are some ideas for decorating your home for the holidays, complete with audio and video upgrades to take your holiday celebration to the next level.

Upgrade Your Speaker

Holiday music may usually bring back childhood memories and get us in the holiday spirit. Thus, if you have old speakers, now may be the time to give them an upgrade. Specialized Audio and Video our Surround Sound Installation Sacramento
company would be happy to upgrade your speakers. Our  equipment manufacturers are one of the advantages of using SAV to install your audio equipment. We provide high-quality solutions for all of your home audio and corporate audio needs. Listed below are just a few of the tasks in which we specialize. If you have an audio project that you’d want to discuss, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us immediately!

Enhance Your Home Theatre

There are so many iconic films and TV shows linked with this time of year, and it’s a Christmas custom to gather the family around the television and spend some quality time together. When you enhance your home entertainment system, you can breathe new life into old favorites. With today’s 4K TVs and 3D surround sound formats, you’ll be able to experience all of your favorite shows like never before. Rumbling, moving, and elevated theater seats, high-end room-specific calibrated audio systems, absorption and deflection audio décor, motorized or wall-mounted gain-specific projection screens, and room-specific calibrated video projectors or televisions are all features of modern home theaters. All of this should be considered while designing the ideal home theater. Allow the pros at Specialized Audio & Video to assist you in deciding which path to take. Contact us for home theatre design services

Upgrade Your TV

Nobody ever says they wish they had bought a smaller television. With flat screens that can be easily mounted on a wall or set on a sleek credenza, you can enjoy big-screen action in nearly any space. With sound and images perfectly synced, you’ll hear action from the exact right spot on the screen. Additionally, with a modern TV, you’ll notice more detail in shadows and dark areas, resulting in more realistic images from any angle with reduced blur.

The Easy Way to Get Great Home Theater Sound

If you don’t have room for several components, a soundbar is a good option. It’s designed to operate with any TV and includes Optical, HDMI, Ethernet, and IR blaster cables, so you’ll always have what you need to get your home theater up and running. Also, you can easily access streaming music services and data stored on your hard drive or phone.

Smart Home Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

Consider smart home accessories as the final step in making your home the ideal gathering location for the holidays. During a special dinner or movie night, custom blinds, drapes, and shutters may set the tone. Our whole home automation Sacramento explains that smart shades allow you to manage when and how your window treatments move for a better light experience. These shades can be programmed to open in the morning for coffee by the picture window, then drop in the afternoon light, and finally close in the evening when family dinnertime begins. Even when you’re occupied with the hustle and bustle, lighting control may genuinely convert your home into a comfortable one.

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How to Save Money With Smart Thermostat

How to save money this winter with smart thermostat

How to Save Money This Winter With Smart Thermostat

As the winter months approach, it may be a good idea to consider a smart thermostat. When it comes to your home heating system, several basic steps can have a significant influence on your bottom line. While there are various actions you can take to save money, our Sacramento Whole Home Automation company explains that a smart thermostat is best. Below, we share how to save money with smart thermostat installation. 


Setting the thermostat back a few degrees while you are not at home is a great idea. This is because it is one of the greatest methods to save money on home heating.  Our friends over at Tureks Plumbing, Kitchen Remodel Company Appleton WI, said this is one of the most popular upgrades their customers utilize. Additionally, it may program a smart thermostat to follow a weekly schedule that you create. Also, if you wish to change your settings when you’re not at home, you may do it effortlessly using your smartphone. Then, some thermostats may even utilize data from your alarm system to learn about your heating patterns. Additionally, this allows you to control your home heating automatically without your intervention. If you’re interested in this, search whole home automation service near me

Real-Time Data and Geolocation Services

Based on your location, your smart thermostat may adjust in real time. Because your smart system is linked to the internet, it can use real-time data to swiftly adjust its settings based on your routine and current weather conditions. A smart thermostat with access to weather data can swiftly change. This is based on whether temperatures are hot or freezing cold, reducing bills.

You may also use Geo-Services to set up a smart rule. This is so that when the thermostat detects that you are leaving the house, it will automatically return to an energy-saving mode.

Pipes Should Be Protected Against Freezing

Frozen pipes are a winter risk that may be costly. Our Smart Home Automation and Wifi Sacramento explains that pipes in unheated regions of your home might freeze when temperatures dip. The frozen water might expand and fracture the pipe or damage the fittings. This allows water to leak and inflicting significant damage.

By installing wireless temperature sensors in your basement or other sensitive places, you can use a smart thermostat to avoid frozen pipes. When the temperature drops too low, your alarm panel can give you a warning. Specialized AV, the best whole automation company, explains that it may then move swiftly. This will supply an additional heat source, such as a space heater, or take other precautions to keep your pipes from freezing.

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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation Basics

The Fundamentals of Smart Home Automation

Life is already hectic enough, and continuously needing to regulate technology manually prevents us from unwinding after a long day. At Specialized Audio & Video, Best Whole Home Automation company, we entirely understand your desire for home automation; smart home solutions are extremely efficient.

However, before diving into the realm of smart home automation, you must first comprehend it in order to effectively handle it. Our Smart Home Automation Sacramento experts have created a simple home automation tutorial to assist you in getting home automation done correctly for your home.

If you’ve been searching whole home automation near me, you’ve come to the right place! The following are the essential steps you must take to successfully set up smart home automation.

1. Purchase a Smart Device or Devices

First and foremost, you will want smart gadgets or equipment that will assist you in controlling the systems in your home. Additionally, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google Assistant, and Apple’s HomeKit are among the most popular smart gadgets.

Importantly, the number and type of devices required are determined by the type of electronics you want to automate. Additionally, its determined by the range you want to regulate.

2. Put in smart units and a security system.

Secondly, the next stage is to install smart units or purchase smart gadgets. As follows, connecting smart gadgets to smart house units for lights, Sacramento security systems and systems, sensors, pet food dispensers, TVs, and other devices is beneficial.

As follows, we recommend get the units you wish to manage remotely. Then, verify your smart devices to determine which units they can control and what ranges they have. Additionally, try to remember to connect everything to your phone. The easier it is to access, the better.

We also propose getting smart locks and a smart security system to get timely notifications in the event of an emergency. At our company, we offer home security system installation. It will ensure a prompt reaction and might be the difference between safety and catastrophe.

3. Purchase a Hub or Controller

Because you will be working with several smart devices, buy a central hub or controller to integrate all of their capabilities and streamline your procedures. 

It will offer you intelligent and smooth control over your smart home units and will manage interfacing with the various gadgets so you don’t have to.

4. Create Automations

After you’ve set up your mechanics, it’s time to set up your automation and routines. Routines will include the operations you want your smart home automation to do on a regular basis without prompting, such as alarms, locking doors, sensors, regulating the thermostat, and so on.

Automations are the activities you want the smart home system to perform when given certain orders, such as making coffee, turning on the lights, turning on the TV, playing music by a specified artist, and so on.

5. Integrate the majority of your home’s functions

Finally, linking the majority of your house functions to your smart devices is the most effective approach to enjoying the full home automation experience. When you start using a few functionalities, you’ll quickly discover how convenient it is. Then, you will begin to gravitate toward smart home automation.

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Why Smart Home Automation Provides Peace of Mind

why smart home automation provides peace of mind - Roseville

Top Reasons Why Smart Homes Provide Peace of Mind

Ever left your home, wondering if you locked your door or closed your garage? You’re not the only one. So many of our customers love having a smart home just for that reason alone! Smart home automation allows you to check on your home when you’re not there. Ease your mind while you are away with smart home automation. In this article, our Sacramento audio and video experts share the top reasons why smart homes provide peace of mind.

Investing in Smart Home Automation

If this is your first experience with a smart home automation system, you will be shocked at how much it can accomplish. From sending real-time notifications to altering your thermostats, smart home technology has it all. Your smart home can be a huge help for busy families. Below are a few reasons why smart homes provide peace of mind to Sacramento homeowners. 

Here are a few of the most notable features of our home automation system:

Smart Home Security

Many people are using technology to protect their property. With smart locks, you can receive real-time information via text or email when people come and go to your home. You’ll also have the ability to generate individual user codes, which will allow you to keep track of who is coming and exiting at all times. This is a great option for teens, visitors, or anyone else you’d feel comfortable allowing access to your property. Our friends at Maid for Muddy Paws, a residential cleaning company in Magnolia, TX, say smart lock doors are perfect for their customers because they provide peace of mind after a visit. 

Home Automation

Lights, locks, thermostats, and sensors can all communicate with one another with relative ease. You can set your thermostat to a lower setting while you’re at work during the day, or you can receive a reminder if you forget to set your alarm after you leave the house in the morning.

Prevent Access 

Intruders can get access through a variety of entrance points, including doors, windows, and garage doors. If you forget to close a door, window, or garage door, your smart home security system will send you a notification. 

Security Camera Systems 

Video surveillance is used to keep track of things. Is it possible to keep an eye on your property while you’re away on vacation? You can watch live streaming videos in real-time. You’ll also receive video notifications if motion is detected, a door is opened, or an alarm is activated.  

When motion is detected, this high-powered motion sensor will capture an image and send it to you. Do you have any pets? No problem, we have a pet immunity function that prevents Max from setting off the sensors every time he travels to a new napping location. When you’re away from home, you can dim the lights, play some soft music, or just adjust the temperature on your thermostat.

Smart Thermostat

Manage your energy use while keeping your family comfortable with a Smart Thermometer that measures energy consumption around your home and optimizes for the most pleasant temperature. Our friends at McQuillan Bros, a Minnesota company that offers HVAC services, highly recommend smart thermostats for anyone who lives in areas that get over 100 degrees in the summer. You’ll be able to save money on your heating and cooling bill. 

Water Management

If you’ve ever returned home to a burst pipe or a malfunctioning washing machine, you understand what a disaster it can be. Our smart home technology can notify you of sump pump failures, irrigation malfunctions, and other water-related issues, allowing you to prevent further damage.

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As you can see, smart homes provide peace of mind. They make managing a busy household a lot easier. If you’re interested in smart home automation services in Sacramento, contact us today! We’re happy to answer all your questions. 


Smart Locks for a Keyless Home

smart locks for keyless home - Sacramento audio and video - Sacramento CA

Smart Locks for a Keyless Home

About Smart Locks for a Keyless Home

In this day and age, smart locks are the new normal, whether it’s a keyless push-to-start vehicle or a keyless entry to your home. Smart locks eliminate the need to carry around your keys. With a simple code or app, you can unlock your front door within seconds. In this article, our smart home automation experts discuss smart locks for a keyless home. 

What to Look for When Purchasing Smart Locks

Knowing the many types of electronic door locks will help you decide the best smart locks for a keyless home. In the event of a battery or technical failure, most electronic locks will still have a physical key option. Several of the locks will also offer a combination of keyless options, making them worth every penny.

Bluetooth Smart Locks

Bluetooth smart locks provide a variety of locking options. The device can detect when you’re within a certain range and unlock the door automatically as you approach. You can also use your phone or key fob to unlock the door. Bluetooth consumes little energy, allowing it to run for longer periods of time on a single charge. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, who offer garage door services, say most homes have several Bluetooth smart devices. It’s easy to access everything from your phone. 

Biometric Smart Locks

Fingerprint entry can be incredibly convenient, especially for small organizations that want to ensure that only authorized staff has access to sensitive information or pricey products. They are simple to program and frequently support up to 100 fingerprints.

RFID Smart Locks

This strategy is most common in workplaces. It enables the use of a key fob or card to open doors. The fob/card must be pressed against the RFID reader in most cases, but others can be opened from a distance.

Keypad Smart Locks

To unlock the door, keypads require a pin number. They are simple to set up and allow you to assign multiple pin numbers to different people or alter the pin code at any moment, making them ideal for landlords. When a renter’s lease expires, just replace the pin code with a new one for the next renter. The majority of keypads these days are touchscreen. However, a handful will still have physical keys to press.

Wi-Fi Connected Smart Locks

Some locking systems can be linked to a hub, enabling Wi-Fi connectivity and increasing functionality. With a Wi-Fi-enabled lock, you can simply track who opens and closes the door.

Smart Locks: Homeowners, Renters, & Business Owners 

Within the last year, the crime rate in Sacramento has risen, which is why it’s crucial to keeping your home and family protected. Smart locks are an excellent way to ensure that your front door is locked and that you get no more surprise visitors. Did you know that burglars say they will target another home if they discover a security system or smart home keyless home entry? If you’re planning on installing smart home automation products like smart locks, you should keep in mind that it is different for homeowners and renters. 

If You Own a House or Commercial Building

You don’t have to worry about which smart locks you put on your doors if you own your home. As the homeowner, you can do whatever you want with your property. If you’re looking to upgrade to a keyless option, try to find a smart lock that has the above features. This can also be said for commercial property owners. Our friends at Headwaters Construction, Inc., a general contractor Sacramento, highly recommends getting smart locks for your property since it adds value. So, if you ever decide to sell or rent, smart locks are a great feature.

If You Rent Your House or Commercial Building

If you live in a rental home or lease a building, it doesn’t mean you can’t install smart locks. It simply means you’ll have to go through a little more trouble to do so. When you decide to change the locks on your rental property, most landlords will ask you to supply them with a key. As a result, if you decide to put smart locks on your rental property, you should first call your landlord and find out what they require.

You may wish to provide evidence for your reasons for wanting to install smart locks. Then, if the landlord agrees to let you put smart locks on the rental property, make sure you obtain it in writing. This will keep you from having to pay for any alleged damages when you leave.

Types of Smart Locks 

As you could imagine, there are several different types of smart door locks available on the market. To help you choose which smart lock you prefer, continue reading below. 

  • Keypad & Combination Smart Locks – These require a pin or code to get into your home but can also be opened via key. Many new homes in the Sacramento area have keypad locks. 
  • Keyless & Wireless Smart Locks – This type of lock is operated off of Wi-Fi. Users can unlock and lock the door remotely with your app or button. Some are even compatible with Alexa. 
  • Fob Enabled Smart Lock – As you may have guessed, these types of locks use a key-fob to unlock the door. Just hold the fob up to the door, and the door will unlock. 
  • Fingerprint & Biometric Smart Locks – These smart locks are less common than others. However, smart fingerprint locks are one of the newer creations. Your fingerprint ensures that no one can get into your door without you.


Contact Specialized Audio and Video

As you can see, smart locks are a great feature to have in your home. They make coming and going from your home easy! If you’re interested in smart locks or smart home automation installation, contact Specialized AV today. Our team is happy to help with all kinds of audio and video services, security systems, Wi-Fi networks, structured wiring, and more. We proudly serve the Greater Sacramento area and beyond.